Mel Fisher Days in Key West

Join one of the Largest Festivals in Key West!

July 9-12, 2015

2015 is the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Discovery of the Mother Lode of the Atocha and Mel Fisher Days will be a BLAST this year!

Come celebrate the day when Mel Fisher’s crew found nearly $400 million in shipwrecked gold, silver, and emeralds in the ocean along Key West! Sitting for more than 300 years on the ocean floor, it’s one of the largest festivals in Key West, kicking off at the Schooner Wharf Bar with a costume contest, raffle, and live entertainment. Events planned include a
Dock Party with Mel Fisher Diver Reunion/ Meet and Greet, tours of the Fisher’s treasure salvage boat, VIP behind the scenes tours of the Fisher’s private conservation lab (not usually open to the public), a Pirate Pub Crawl and Ball, and the 2nd Annual Amazing Mel Fisher Treasure Hunt with $5,000 CASH PRIZE paid out in a treasure chest filled with one dollar coins!


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Mel Fisher Days Festival

Check out the Mel Fisher Museum

This Key West exhibit tells the captivating story of treasure-laden Spanish galleons that traveled through the Florida straits, attracting privateers and pirates. Learn about the Caribbean buccaneers, Key West’s unique role in pirate suppression, the roles women played, and about the famous pirates! See real shipwreck artifacts and treasures!

The Mel Fisher Museum is open everyday. It’s located in downtown Key West at the corner of Greene and Whitehead Streets. Visit their official website here.